The Great Plastic Bake Off

We are a proud partner of The Great Plastic Bake Off! As a co-founder, we are currently developing a concept for large-scale processing of plastic waste. KAESS is responsible for marketing and communication, including brand identity.


The Great Plastic Bake Off


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The problem

By 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the sea. This illustrates the plastic pollution crisis we are currently experiencing, affecting life in our oceans and on land.

Baking with plastic

Since 2018, the team behind The Great Plastic Bake Off (GPBO) has been developing and operating the mobile 'Fuse Kitchen’. With the Fuse Kitchen you can convert plastic waste into building materials anywhere in the world. These are thick-walled products (Fit-For-Purpose-Plastic™) such as paving stones, roof tiles or retaining walls. The Fuse Kitchen can be placed as close as possible to the source of plastic waste to turn it into a product on site that can be used immediately.

In this way, the Fuse Kitchen helps the world to get rid of its excess plastic waste in a sustainable way by using it as a valuable raw material.

Brand concept


Processing plastic waste in a large-scale and sustainable manner and thereby combat pollution and pressure on the living environment.


By locally processing plastic waste into directly usable and marketable building materials, we stimulate entrepreneurship and employment. In this way the need to import building materials also diminishes.


Creating awareness and willingness to take action in the field of waste management among residents and tourists, for the benefit of nature, economic development and the preservation of heritage and culture.

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