The Dutch government is faced with various challenges in the field of digitization. These often concern the safe and reliable sharing of information. To this end, technical agreements, standards and facilities are being made to ensure the acceleration of data exchange.


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Communication for ICTU

Cooperation between the various parties (public-private) involved in this exchange is crucial. And communication plays an important role in this. KAESS has been working for many years on behalf of ICTU on various projects to promote this communication. In the form of advice and the development of supporting resources, such as newsletters, presentations and videos.

ICTU is an advice and project organization within the government and is focused on improving the government through ICT.

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Program PIEZO

These social issues also cross borders. For example, we collaborated on the European program PIEZO (Program Implementation European Healthcare Services) on behalf of ICTU. The aim of this was to make it possible to exchange patient data between countries in the European Union. This resulted in the launch of

a National contactpoint e-Health. KAESS developed different videos including the animation below, as part of a strategic communication plan.