Online family clinic

Together with the UMC Utrecht, KAESS is developing an online clinic to detect cardiovascular diseases earlier. Through this clinic, relatives of people with hereditary cardiovascular diseases can easily access genetic tests and related information.


UMC Utrecht, Universiteit Twente, Hartstichting


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Hereditary risk

Did you know that close relatives of someone with a hereditary cardiovascular disease have a 50% chance of inheriting that disease? 


Family members can participate in genetic testing and if it turns out that they have the predisposition, they can be checked regularly by a doctor. If necessary, treatment can be started in time to prevent the disease and even sudden death. 

However, less than half of close relatives choose to participate in genetic testing. 


That is why KAESS is developing an online clinic in collaboration with UMC Utrecht and the University of Twente (HMI) to detect cardiovascular diseases earlier. Through this clinic, family members of people with hereditary cardiovascular diseases can gain access to genetic tests and the associated information in a more accessible way. 


With this we aim to reach more family members and to help them make an informed decision about genetic testing.

family clinic

Design Thinking

KAESS is responsible for the further development of the concept using the design thinking method and developing the associated platform, including branding and communication.


The project is one of six projects of 'Heart for Sustainable Care', a joint funding program of the Dutch CardioVascular Alliance (DCVA) and the Innovative Medical Devices Initiative (IMDI).

These six research teams will receive a total of more than 5 million euros for research into the use of new technology against cardiovascular diseases. The Heart Foundation is responsible for half of this amount.

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